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I’m Jenny Moore, Owner and Lead Planner of Whiskey Feather Events. I have been passionately working in the wedding + event industry for over 20 years, and consider myself a lucky lady to be doing what I love every day!

I was born and raised in Massachusetts, and will forever be a Bostonian at heart. But after many years of living the West Coast life, I like to consider myself an honorary Californian who is happy to trade in the snow shovel for a wine glass. Mr. Whiskey Feather, a Rescue Swimmer for the United States Coast Guard (and the other half of our WFE day-of-dream-team!), has given us the chance to live in incredible areas including San Diego, Cape Cod and now Sonoma County. To have the opportunity to help cultivate incredible experiences for loving couples all over the country is an opportunity not afforded to all, and I feel extremely blessed to do so!

I have two incredible stepchildren, who fill our house with love, laughter and joy...and just the right amount of teenage eye rolls. I have a passion for creating art, designing interiors and of course everything weddings. I love to cook, travel and experience new adventures, but I can also be caught snuggled on the couch with the husband watching our guilty pleasure, any of the Below Deck shows. 

No wedding is complete without the signature Whiskey Feather Events "family picture," because by the time we're celebrating your incredible wedding day, we have become just that. Be prepared for me to pop in between you and your new spouse for a quick's part of the deal! 


My goal is to take the stress out of planning your celebration, allowing you to be present in every moment and enjoy the entire experience. Throughout my years spent in Corporate Event Management, Hotel Sales Management, Restaurant Function Management and Wedding Planning, I have cultivated an extremely well rounded and unique skill set that allows me to effectively plan and execute weddings and events of all types. I paired the ability to understand the needs and expectations from both client and venue/vendor side, with my love of event design and creating original and unforgettable experiences...and voilà! Whiskey Feather Events was born.
Nothing brings me more joy than to be an instrumental part of a couple's happily ever after, or a family's joyful celebration. Let's create the event of your dreams together!

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