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"I worked with Jenny at Whiskey Feather Events to plan my wedding this past May. My husband and I were originally planning to get married in October of 2020 at a large venue and postponed to May 2021 due to COVID. About 12 weeks before our wedding we realized that we may not be able to have the wedding of our dreams at our original venue given the unpredictability of the regulations. We started thinking about having our reception in my grandmother's backyard and knew that we would need the help of a wedding planner to coordinate all the different vendors we would need. We reached out to Jenny, and from the start she was extremely professional and put my mind at ease. We had just under 12 weeks to coordinate a floor plan, tent and rental company, bathrooms, catering, changes in flowers, bar service, transportation logistics (there were a lot as there was no parking at my grandmother's), water and power logistics, changes needed to accommodate our band and create a very detailed timeline for the weekend. Jenny also took over communication with vendors that we had previously booked. I cannot imagine how we would have pulled this off without her. Throughout the entire process she was calm and patient with any requests we came to her with and her positive attitude kept my anxiety at bay. When we decided to host our wedding reception in my grandmother's backyard, we accepted that things may not be perfect. However, this could not have been further from the truth. The day was absolutely beautiful and we as well as all of our guests were blown away by how beautiful everything looked and how much fun the wedding was. Her presence during the set up and day of also provided a sense that everything would be taken care of. I whole-heartedly recommend working with Whiskey Feather Events-- Jenny will help bring your ideas to life to create the event of your dreams."


Photo by Alex Paul Photography

- Caroline + Neil


Photo by Keeley Abigail Photography

"We cannot imagine planning our wedding or coordinating our wedding day without Jenny’s help! Due to COVID, we were a little behind on some of the details that typically would have been completed much earlier, like favors. Jenny offered to take this off our plate, so that we could focus on some of the other outstanding wedding tasks on the list. She had some great local candy shop recommendations for our favors and organized/ordered the favors for us. It was so nice to have someone take something of the list and run with it! She was so wonderful at helping us pull together all of the last minute details. Jenny really went above and beyond in everything that she did to make our wedding day so special. She even offered to drive around town to help us select a great location for our wedding party photos about a week before the wedding! Jenny seamlessly made sure that all of the events happened on time throughout the day, setup all of our decorations at the reception, and took them all up to our room at the end of the night so that we didn’t have to worry about cleaning up anything! We also loved working with Jenny because she has such a great personality and knows how to be one step ahead of any issue that might arise before it happens. We really can't imagine planning our wedding without Jenny, and would recommend her to any of our family or friends looking to plan their next event!"

-Kristen + Nate

"My husband and I got married on June 12, 2021 and we had planned the entire wedding in a month! Jenny was INCREDIBLE, and we could not have pulled off the wedding without her. We were one of the many couples impacted by the pandemic and had already had two wedding dates that didn't work out. Third times the charm and Jenny was the key to making it happen! Her expertise and knowledge of the industry allowed for us to have the smoothest wedding day where everything went off without a hitch. She managed communication, deliveries and overlooked contracts for all of our vendors and gave the best advice when needed. We are so truly thankful we found Jenny! The kindest, hardest working planner we have ever come across. Friends and family were also raving about how incredible she was! I would highly recommend Whiskey Feather Events for anyone planning their wedding!"


Photo by Young at Heart Images

- Kat + Kyle


Photo by Justin Barbin Photography

"We hired Jenny (Whiskey Feather Events) as the month of coordinator for our wedding. Jenny was amazing and we loved working with her. She was incredibly helpful, patient, and would always think of 10 things we hadn't thought of and take care of them. During the wedding she was approachable while not intrusive, amenable to last minute changes, and truly helped our wedding day be all that we hoped it would be. We will always be grateful to Jenny and would recommend Whiskey Feather Events to any other couple without reservation."

- Danica + Jeremy

"Jenny was nothing short of amazing!! My fiance and I got married 10/02 and asked Jenny to help us with the last 6 weeks because we rented a house and were tenting the lawn, so there were many moving parts. Not only is Jenny an amazing person- she's flexible, easy going, and positive- she is professional and organized. She created many documents for us as the day approached that helped us and our vendors see the vision for our wedding day. She was nothing short of incredible and we highly highly recommend Jenny!!"

- Jennifer + Kevin


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Photo by Price Burr Photography

"Brian and I postponed our wedding in 2020 and spent most of the pandemic living in Chicago. As our 2021 wedding date neared, we realized we definitely needed help. Jenny helped us navigate planning a wedding while moving from Chicago, to my parents, and back into Boston. She helped keep us calm and collected, organized and on-schedule, and excited to get married. Our check-in calls were not only extremely helpful, but they were actually fun! When the big day came, Jenny and her wonderful husband continued to be rockstars - they even went to Walgreens to get earplugs for one of the guests! I cannot recommend Whiskey Feather Events more. Maintain your sanity heading into your big day - and partner with Jenny ASAP!"

- Erin + Brian

"We are so glad we hired Jenny for our wedding. All of our friends were telling us we were so calm the few weeks before our wedding and that is all because of Jenny! She was so well organized, personable and calm. She created a detailed schedule for the day and worked with our vendors to ensure everyone was aligned and had enough time. She even gave a shorter schedule for our family/wedding party so everyone knew what to expect and more importantly, where to be. Our weekly calls with her were a lot of fun! We always left feeling like we had everything under control and we knew what we needed to work on over the next week. She made sure no detail was missed. We had already planned many details with the caterer and other vendors, but she found items that we had forgotten to request and plan for, such additional linens & tables for other planned displays. On the day of, she was the point person for everything, and allowed us to relax and enjoy our special day with each other, friends, and family and not need to worry about anything with the event. Jenny and the Whiskey Feather team are incredible!!"


Photo by Silver + Salt Photography

- Kelly + Andrew


Photo by Liesl Claire Photography

"Jenny is absolutely amazing! I booked her day of coordination package for our wedding in August 2021 at the Orleans Yacht Club. She jumped in and picked up everything right where I left off and helped us pull everything together! Our venue didn’t come with a coordinator and this was our best money spent. She helped us think through things we hadn’t even thought of and make sure everything not only ran smoothly but was perfect for day of. She is not only very good at what she does but she is very kind and a joy to work with! I highly recommend booking Jenny for your wedding."

- Emily + Jamie

"Jenny was absolutely amazing to work with and completely exceeded our expectations for a wedding planner. We met weekly with Jenny in the weeks leading up to the wedding where she helped us lock in every detail, including many that we would have never been able to think of ourselves. Not only were these meetings super productive, Jenny made everything feel completely stress-free, and was just so enjoyable to work with. On the day of the wedding/rehearsal multiple people came up to us (including the venue and wedding guests) expressing how impressed they were with her level of organization and making the flow of the day so seamless. Would 100% recommend booking Whiskey Feather Events!!!"

- Melina + Jacob


Photo by Charity Hope Photography

"Jenny is FANTASTIC and I am SO glad I hired her for my wedding this summer! My vendors told me she was the best wedding planner they had ever worked with. She is organized, calm, and goes above and beyond. My day would not have run as smoothly without her and her husband - they were incredible. I can't recommend her highly enough!!"

- Katie + Chris

"Jenny made our wedding PERFECT. She came on to work with us last minute 3 months before our wedding date that we had rescheduled 3x due to covid. She was so organized and had a million spread sheets and timelines that helped us organize our day down to the 5 minute detail. She was there for our rehearsal. She was there when things went down wrong with our vendors. She handled everything and we barely knew anything had gone wrong and our guests definitely did not! She also had these amazing tackle box emergency kits that had everything we could think of or need during our big day and the night before! She was there the next day as well to help us finish things up too! She was downright amazing and her husband helped throughout the day and night and was also amazing!!! 💞 I can’t recommend Whiskey Feather Events more. They’re the best wedding planner I could have imagined!"


Photo by Morgan O'Neil  Photography

- Jennie + Kevin


Photo by Shelynne Marie Photography

"They were absolutely amazing. My husband and I couldn’t have done it without their help! Jenny takes over about a month before the event and helps coordinate all your vendors. Our wedding was on a private property, so we required vendors for everything and she managed to get everyone where they needed to be at the right time. She went above and beyond fixing issues and assisting us so everything was perfect. We had an amazing time with both of them and would HIGHLY recommend it!"

- Camila + Nick

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